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Eco-friendly healthcare company Dassiet revolutionises fract... Infomedix International

The new cast, consisting of biodegradable Woodcast material and self-adhesive Unitex fabric, makes casting significantly faster and safer. The materials company Dassie...

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Pastelli srl - The magic of combining between sustainability and a high performing product Infomedix International

In the rapidly changing world in which we live, attention to sustainability and the environment has become a priority. In our company we started to apply sustainability b...

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“A powerful tool” for paraplegic patients Infomedix International

Up to 80 percent of people with a spinal cord injury suffer from spasticity. Hitherto the choice open to them lay only between medication with strong side effects or risk...

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SW Safety Solutions Inc. - SW Sustainability Solutions Achieves B Corp Certification Infomedix International

SW Sustainability Solutions Achieves B Corp Certification, Demonstrating Commitment to Environmental Responsibility and High Standards of Social Performance [Union Cit...

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The Philippines: Fully Immersed in the Asian Boom Infomedix International

With around 117 million inhabitants, the Philippines is among the most populous countries in the world and one of the most dynamic economies in the East Asia-Pacific regi...

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Kazakhstan: a Market of Opportunities Infomedix International

Situated at the heart of the Asian continent and the crossroads between Asia and Europe, Kazakhstan is the second-largest republic of the former Soviet Union, after Russi...

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Ageing and Health a Global Priority Infomedix International

According to the World Health Organization, existing healthcare systems are not designed to respond to ageing and older people. There must be a fundamental shift in the w...

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Vaccination, a Most Successful Public Health Initiative Infomedix International

Falling vaccination rates throughout Europe are leading to an increase in infections such as measles and rubella and Europe fears new epidemics. Measles viruses, for inst...

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Access to Safe Drinking Water, Challenges and Opportunities for Improving Global Health Infomedix International

A safe, reliable, affordable and easily accessible water supply is essential for good health. Globally, people of many nations—or high income regions within nations—now e...

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